We offer feasibility studies about all aspects of trade effluent treatment, trade effluent disposal and effluent recycling and reuse

Trade effluent feasibility studies

Blackwell Water Consultancy Ltd perform detailed feasibility studies that get to the heart of the problem and find the right solution for you. A typical feasibility study comprises:


       - detailed analysis of all your trade effluent data

       - site visits to speak to the people with the expert site knowledge

       - identifying low-cost strategies that reduce effluent volume & strength

       - development of designs for treatment process (where they're needed)

       - a full cost-benefit analysis

       - liaison with suppliers on behalf of the client


Our staff have carried out this type of study in many different areas of industry and, with our detailed knowledge of UK and EU trade effluent legislation, we can help you reduce your trade effluent costs and increase the sustainability of your business.

We've also developed excellent relationships with a number of suppliers of laboratory services and, through those third parties, we can offer an extensive range of analytical tests. 

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